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Missed Opportunity

Whilst desperately trying to find out yesterday whether or not there’s a sprout festival being held this year, I came across the devastating news that we missed a major biscuit event a couple of months ago.

I suggest the following action must be taken immediately…

I believe the time has come my dear biscuit loving friends for us to consider having a group of biscuit spotters akin to the twitchers found in the ornithological world. Something similar has worked well for me in the past after I’d mourned the loss of the plain chocolate Hob Nob, only to be alerted a few months later by a very excited blogging bear that they’d returned to Tesco’s.

HFW has already bought us news of the Hail Dunkers biscuit, but sadly it has yet to find its way onto the shelves of any of my local supermarkets or into the pages of a Google Search (apart from HFW’s original sighting). Perhaps you can help?

I also bear news of another new and wondrous biscuit, recently spotted at a food festival in Worcester. It would appear this event was a most enlightened one as the local mayor performed a biscuit dunking ceremony whilst opening the show.

It seems that the biscuit has been constructed in a special way using a layering technique, reinforced with slithers of sweet potato and coated with egg before baking. This has enabled it to smash the dunking world record previously held by the humble milk chocolate digestive. Maximum immersion time has been expanded from 25 seconds to an impressive 1 minute 17 seconds, a feat guaranteed to save even the most absent minded of dunkers from that dreaded mush at the bottom of the mug.

It’s rumoured that this latest superdunker may be found roosting at this establishment in Worcestershire, the scene of other mind boggling creations such as the sprout and five-a-day cakes. Whilst its dunking properties have been much  apart from a passing comment from the biscuit’s creator there’s currently no report available on how tasty this biscuit might be. Or not.

If a visit to the home roost draws a blank, then it is believed the next best chance of spotting this biscuit in full flight may be at next year’s Spring Gardening Show at Malvern: where the creator, Felice Tocchini, was regularly seen last time, accompanied by his 5-a-day cake.

Michelle Chapman


14 Responses

  1. Hi Michelle,

    Shall I see you at Malvern then for a dunk off and a slice of 5-a-day cake?

    I wonder how sweet potato works as an ingredient in this mammoth dunking biscuit?

    Great post!


  2. Ryan – I think that’s most probable. We’re trying to get a full-blown Bloggers’ get together next year 🙂

  3. I was just thinking last night that I’d love to go to Malvern! Now I have an even more pressing reason to do so – I must a least see one of these biscuits if not touch one. To dunk then eat one I think would be too much excitement for me in a public place. xx

  4. Sounds more like a cake than a biscuit

  5. Carrie – it would be great id you came over for Malvern 🙂

    Alex – judging by the photos (which is all I have to go on), it looks more like a biscuit than a cake. Besides cake would fall apart within seconds if dunked.

  6. Hello Michelle,

    I read with interest your blog and we would like you all to know that we are working at present to get the biscuits to the market. It is a shame you didn’t come to BBC Good Food show where we were giving them out on Friday (The Xmas version)
    The biscuits come in different flavours: Lavender, Chocolate and Ginger, Chocolate and Cinnamon, Vanilla, Chocolate and Cranberry (this latter) has been created for BBC GOOD FOOD SHOW, 09 ) , spice and for all you cider drinkers Felice has also created a biscuit to be dunked in Cider: Apple. (The cranberry one is great in Sparkling wine.
    Since he has now found a way to create the biscuit, he can flavour it anyway he wants. Sweet Potato was one of the flavours.
    In next couple of days please visit our site http://www.fusionbrasserie.com to see pics of our biscuits and our “sugar and Spice” models and we will keep you informed of progress.

    However if you email me on e: enquiries@fusionbrasserie.com I would be delighted to send you some samples for you to try.
    Small batches of biscuits are available to buy from our restaurant or please call to order T.01905 840647


  7. The amount of press time paid to this biscuit is phenomenal. Dipping into apple cider is an interesting concept. The beverage would have to be warm for any dunking to be worthwhile, one would assume. I wonder if samples might be sent across the pond?

    • Dear fairegarden

      Actually the fizz of the Perry or cider makes the biscuit real yummy. Some of our clients at the restaurant suggested that they would be a great alternative to crisps. However I will find out with makers of local cider if they do occasionally serve it hot which you probably can. However everybody that has tried them are happy with cold cider.

      Where is across the pond?

      Felice was interviewed by Radio Canada in September.

      As a chef Felice is constantly in the media for his creations, just google Felice Tocchini and you will see.

      • Hmm, cold cider is not the order of the day here, it must be warmed, dunking anything in it is optional. Across the pond in our case is, Tennessee, USA. 🙂

  8. Wow, what a nice surprise! Naturally it’s my solemn duty to take up Fiorinda’s kind offer and perform a full test (dunking, flavour etc etc) as a service for us all ;D

  9. Fiorinda – since Felice’s created a biscuit which goes well with sparkling wine, am I right in thinking his creation’s been influenced by the great Italian tradition of biscotti which are for dipping in dessert wine?

    • Dear VP

      yes the Apple Dunker was created because of our love of us Italians to dunk in Vin Santo or wine. And Felice of course is from Tuscany where Biscotti di Prato were created.
      The Worcester Dunker however is great in hot drinks because it doesn’t end up in a mashy mess at bottom of cup. It was featured on Midlands today in September. So you might still be able to watch it.
      Since September Felice has worked on improving the taste and the look of the biscuit. We are now delighted with it.

  10. VP – WOW look at you talking to the makers and everything. Free samples and a taste test; I look forward to the results, the flavours sound amazing, oh yum. I really am thinking about Malvern, never been to a show, but Andrew has given me the thumbs up! 🙂

  11. […] Worcester Dunker Posted on March 18, 2010 by blackpittsbiscuit Previously  here on Encounters I wrote of our lost opportunity to try out the record breaking Worcester Dunkers biscuit. My cries […]

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