• The Tenuous Purpose

    This Blog is built - not, as some might expect, on a flimsy whim but on a strong and single minded principle.

    That principle concerns Biscuits and their position in the world.

    We are really very keen on biscuits.
    As are many of you out there.
    We think.

    We wish to create an archive of Arrowroot, a backlog of Bourbons and a catalogue of Chocolate Fingers. Anybody can contribute an entry - or dispute somebody else's - provided they are not dull.
    Even Americans who perhaps don't really have the heritage of biscuitry that we are fortunate to have here.

    Or maybe they do and we are unaware of the full glory of the cookie.

    We realise that this whole subject is admirably and concisely dealt with by that excellent and unbeatable website A Nice Cup of Tea and a Sit Down. Our feeble efforts will be as the kicking of a gadfly in the face of their wisdom and experience but we hope that we may have a small contribution to make.

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    James Alexander-Sinclair of Blackpitts
    Gardener, Blogger, Journalist, Lecturer etc, etc. Much of his life is spent loafing around other people’s gardens issuing directives and generally cluttering up the place. However, like the great Mr Kipling, he does (occasionally) make exceptionally good gardens. (Although even Mr Kipling messed up a bit with the Carrot and Walnut Mini Classics.)

    Mark Diacono of Otter Farm
    He does sterling work growing many inappropriate plants in Devon. He dedicates a great deal of time and effort nurturing a plethora of plants that are (mostly) totally unsuited to our climate. His is a life of such extreme eccentric dedication that to start a Blog about Biscuits seems perfectly normal. He treads gently in the footsteps of people like the great William Buckland,a professor of Geology who claimed that he could tell location by tasting the local topsoil.

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Making Biscuits

I was unaware that this sort of thing was called Making Biscuits. I thought it was just one of those slightly malicious cat things where they insinuate themselves onto your knee and then repeatedly stick their claws in your thigh while maintaining an attitude of innocence and cutsieness.

I have listened repeatedly but cannot quite work out what is on the television playing in the background: but apparently Tori, Carrie and Brad are in over their heads, snowed under by a snowplough.Could be the weather forecast, I suppose.

9 Responses

  1. My family always called it making bread. How cute and sweet, although Mama doesn’t seem to share quite as much love as little Marmalade. The background is hilarious.

  2. Or… can whirlpools kill? Absolutely hilarious.

    Our 2 are curled up by the radiators and rather confused over how the world turned white and cold to the paw overnight!

  3. Now that is a back massage!

    ….Stilton I think you need to re-train ;o)

  4. ‘mythbusters’ is a show in the u.s. which ‘busts’ urban myths. it’s great fun to watch, esp. as the hosts find that nothing compleats a show as something being blown up. i heard this behavior called ‘kneading’-something kittens do to help release milk when suckling. i was told that my adut cat who does this was seperated to early from her mother. another person told me it signifirs contentment.

  5. Yep, Mythbusters alright, love that show.
    Cats are foreign animals to me but that looked sweet, hopefully it’s contentment. I just stick to dogs – much simpler creatures xx

  6. Our cats consider that to be kitty acupuncture/massage therapy, and think you should be grateful for the services rendered. They accept payment in kitty treats, which you’d call kitty biscuits, no doubt.

  7. Oh, and you ought to check out Mythbusters. It’s totally awesome and hilarious. They revel in blowing things up, especially.

  8. Skimble does that a lot – either to my left armpit or boob. He’s not that fussed!

  9. We call that “poddling”. Perhaps I should give the cats’ paws a quick wipe and set them to work on some biscuit dough the next time they start. They’d be doing something useful (although their current job is wedging themselves under radiators, to stop the radiators falling off the wall I presume).

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